Marine spiral butterfly valve
Product attributes
Brand Wing Butterfly
The scope of application used in shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, nuclear and other industries
Products alias spiral butterfly valve
Connection form of welding
Nominal diameter 50-600 mm
Suitable medium water
Pressure range of 1.0 Mpa
Suitable temperature of 70 ~ 170
Material cast steel
Marine spiral butterfly valve detail
Applicable medium: seawater, freshwater, air, crude oil, refined oil.
Usage: Type the line of ships, petroleum, chemical, nuclear, etc.

Marine dual eccentric worm butterfly valve
Structural features:
A. The double eccentric butterfly valve with two eccentric, and a special oblique cone oval
Seal structure, to solve the traditional single butterfly valve opening and closing instant
About 0 ° ~ 10 ° between the sealing surface is still in the drawbacks of sliding friction, the real
Now open instantly sealing surface separation, immediately turn off a contact that close
The effect of the closure, to achieve good sealing properties, opening torque is small, the use of
Long life and functionality.
Two. The first eccentricity of the double eccentric butterfly valve stem relative to the seat of the axial partial
Shift, the second eccentric stem relative to the radial displacement of the valve seat. Both
The combination of a cam effect, when the valve plate from the seat
With the valve seat, thus avoiding the friction of the valve plate and valve seat seal
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