Flange ceramic butterfly valve
The ceramic valve using the new high-tech ceramic structural material of the valve sealing parts and wearing parts to improve the wear resistance, corrosion protection and sealing of the valve products, greatly extending the life of the valve.
(2) the use of ceramic valves can greatly reduce the number of maintenance and replacement of the valve and improve the security, stability of equipment operation, saving equipment repair costs.
(3) the use of ceramic valves to improve the sealing of industrial piping systems, can reduce the maximum disclosure to protect the environment.
Manufacture of ceramic raw materials is a wide range of low cost, aluminum, carbon, silicon and other common elements will be able to produce superior performance ceramic materials, can save a lot of metal materials and rare mineral resources.
 The wear-resistant ceramic valve is mainly used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrial fields, especially in the face of high wear, high corrosion, high temperature, high pressure and harsh conditions, ceramic valves also demonstrated its excellence properties. Ceramic valves to meet the high wear and tear, use of highly corrosive environment, especially the prominent feature is a long service life, ceramic valves, the cost performance is far better than other comparable metal valves.
With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, ceramic materials technology from all aspects of the formulation, molding, machining and assembly process is more mature and complete, ceramic valves, with its excellent performance is increasingly the recognition of the valve industry . Successful experience in manufacturing ceramic valve can be applied to a wider range of engineering fields.
1, part of the movement structure of ceramic materials, arc contact processing. Eccentric structure, reducing the friction of the moving part of the extended life of the valve.
2, ceramic seals, O-ring, disc, shaft material, Ke Yi use replacement for special working conditions in a variety of high wear, high temperature, high rot.
 Composition of the material:
Valve body Valve 'the Body: Carbon Steel (WCB), stainless steel SS304/SS316 Spool Valve Core: Ceramic Ceramics, (AL2O3/ZrO2)
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