NameBars valve
Bars valve
Structural characteristics and uses:
Bars valve single-and double-layer bars valve (LB-I (II) according to the delivery of building materials, mining, metallurgical and other industries for small and medium-sized solid bulk materials, materials such as technology needs and developed a new gates, bars valve single, double-layer rod valve (LB-I (II) for ≤ 50mm material control.
Simple, easy to operate, without resistance, to overcome the shortcomings of flat-panel gate valve material particles caused by the opening and closing force, and even the Commissioner does not go bars valve a single, double bars valve (LB-I (II) type single bars operating convenience, flexibility, due to surface operations, the overall structure of quality for high-quality steel welding, good rigidity, the same type, long life, maintenance free, small and medium-sized crystalline bulk material control The ideal equipment.
Mainly by the framework, bars, rods inserted into the frame, a set of rods composed of a parallel grid plate, the massive material blocking the gate side of the, if out of a grid plate is a large gap materials the gap can enter the gate on the other side, taking the number of the bars should be the needs of the technological process to determine.
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